Benefits of Solar Power

  • Sun produces enough energy every second to sustain our power needs for next 5,00,000 years.
  • Zero recurring cost
  • Up to 80%+ electricity bill savings 
  • Hedge against rising energy costs
  • Scalable design for easy upgrades
  • RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligation) Compliance
  • Self-reliance
  • Good for the environment 
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Accelerated Depreciation for Business
  •  Green Building certifications
  • Clean Energy: Produces no Fumes
  • Quite: Less sound pollution unlike Diesel Generator
  • Renewable Energy: unlike coal and other fossil fuels  

Why Tata Solar Power

  • India’s Most Trusted Brand
  • #1 Solar Rooftop EPC Company for 6  years in a row*
  • Over 30 years of expertise, Tata quality and engineering provides the highest generation from solar
  • Manufacturing Edge:  In-house production capacity of 400 MW modules and 300 MW of cell manufacturing of both Mono or multi-crystalline, with 39,083 MW+ of installations.
  • ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified integrated cell and module manufacturing facilities, 
  • Over 1.6 GW modules shipped internationally in Europe and North America over last 20 years 
  •  One-stop solution provider, with zero compromises on safety
  • Lucrative Financing Options
  • Remote Monitoring: Offers first state-of-Art Network operating system, which enables  and management of solar rooftop systems, live data tracking and analysis, user get real-time access to their plant performance and notification and service intervention alarms
  • 25 years’ serviceability –  the only solar company having lived the life of the product
  • Winner of several awards each year for exemplary service, excellence in product, product quality, outstanding contribution to the industry, safety awards, cost management, transforming lives with solar solutions, technovation,
  • 24X7 service support, for complete peace of mind6modul

Advantages in Residential installations:

  • Experience of 15,000+ residential systems commissioned
  • Easy Financing Scheme
  •  Rs. 50,000+ Savings in a year from 5 KWp Plant.

Advantages in Industrial and Commercial Installations

  • Solutions tailored to your requirement – ranging from few kW to multiple MW’s
  • Lifecycle Asset Management
  • Has done multiple large scale projects, prestigious installation includes world’s largest solar powered cricket stadium which offsets 840 tonnes of carbon annually; 2.67 MW largest solar plant-Carport in India; 
  • A variety of business models to suit your needs
    • Capex
    • PPA/OPEX (Pay as You Go Model)
    • Lease financing
    • Debt financing

Advantages to School, Colleges and institution

  • Peak loads during the daytime mostly coincide with peak solar generation
  • Institution’s idle rooftop space can help in considerable income by selling excess electricity
  • Creates environment-conscious citizens as students get a hands-on solar experience
  • Has done multiple large installations including prestigious installations being a 16 MW solar power system at RSSB-EES, Beas, the largest solar rooftop solar plant in the world at a single site, on varied and fragile roofs.
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