Work With Us

At Horizon we believe in WIN-WIN-WIN. 

  • Win for the customer, 
  • Win for the team members
  • Win for the management.

We believe that team members are internal customers and their satisfaction is important for growth. 

Our theme is SUCCESS can never be spelt without U. Where the U  stands for team members.

We believe in: “Serving our customers- Keeping them first and our own interest second, profit and growth should be a consequence, not the primary goal”

We believe that human resources are the most valuable asset,  we have a culture of training and development, and the opportunity to grow further in the career. 

We employ only the person with a positive mindset, having the right attitude. This means to have the ability or the desire for the following:

* Plan: Plan each day, spend time on planning so that you are focussed and goal-oriented and face fewer problems in working.

* Dependable: We don’t believe in repeated follow-ups. Each one owns their work and takes responsibility for results. There shouldn’t be the need to be reminded. 

*Teamwork: We work as one team with one goal, to achieve greater results. We rely on each other  &  build trust

We will come out with vacancies with job qualifications as and when required here. However, if the vacancy has not been posted, you can still drop a mail to the admin for enquiring about the vacancies. If you are a candidate with the right qualifications and mindset, we may go out of the way to accommodate you. Even if there are no vacancies, you can submit your resume at the email address given below. As and when the opportunity arises we will let you know if you have applied to us.

We are a growing company, dealing in branded products. We come out with vacancies for the following posts : 

marketing- field/showroom, 

service- field/service management, 

Back office for MIS requirements, 


For information on vacancy please contact admin by dropping an email: [email protected].

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