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Why Godrej Vending?


-Winner of Corporate Social Responsibility Summit and Awards.

– ISO 9001:2015 for management services

State-of-the-art, high-quality vending machines made in India in collaboration with M/s Veromatic International BV, The Netherlands.

Manufacture of all various kinds of machines:01. Instant Vending Machine. 02.Bean 2Cup Vending Machine 03. Brewing vending machines. 04.Hot & Cold Machines

Vast Choice of Premium Consumables: Godrej’s vast variety of hot and cold beverages are crafted keeping in mind the highest standards of quality and tastes that are unique to India. Godrej premium teas are sourced from the best tea gardens in India; Godrej coffee uses selected beans to create a delightful flavour and strong aroma. Godrej uses the purest milk to retain freshness till the last drop. Godrej variety of spicy soups act as a good appetizer before any meal. Godrej cold beverages and special exotic beverages promise to be a treat for all the senses.

637201337898127753 Minifresh 6500 Cat

Instant Machines

637201338475031887 232A8407Pro

Bean 2 Cup

637201338974666272 Minifresh 3200 Leaf Tea Brew Cat

Tea Brewer

637201339529501256 Minifresh 5400 Hot Cold Cat

Speciality Machine


InstantVendingMachine C11101708 1


HotCold C11110913 1

Hot & Cold

Beantocup C11111053 1

Bean To Cup

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